Laser Surgery

Many biopsies and soft tissue abnormalities (lesions) in and around the oral cavity are conveniently managed with the use of a CO2 Laser. Dr. Vecchione has been utilizing this technology in his practice since 1997 because this laser has distinct advantages over other types of lasers, electrocautery, and the scalpel.

As the laser beam precisely incises the tissues adjacent to the lesion being removed, vessels smaller than 500 microns in diameter are sealed as the laser beam cuts across them. This creates a virtually bloodless surgical field in most cases. Due to a similar effect on small nerve endings, pain is diminished or eliminated in the immediate post-operative period. Whenever the laser is used in a non-cosmetic area, no sutures are required. And when a lesion is best excised with the use of a scalpel, the laser may be used secondarily to control bleeding with less tissue damage and less scarring than a conventional electrocautery unit.