3D Imaging / CT Scans

Dr. Vecchione’s office is equipped with an I-CAT Cone Beam CT Scanner. This state-of-the art technology is used when 3D imaging is required to provide the highest level of treatment planning accuracy.

When used prior to dental implant surgery, a CT Scan allows visualization of potential implant sites in three dimensions, enabling precise implant placement.

These scans are low radiation compared to conventional CT Scans, and are very useful in treatment planning for Dental Implants, Bone Grafting, Jaw Pathology, and Impacted Teeth.

In certain situations a CT Scan is helpful in determining the type of bone graft required to optimize a prospective implant site.

When monitoring abnormalities within the jaws, a CT Scan enables accurate measurement of lesion size to a fraction of a millimeter. This information can be used for either treatment planning purposes or future comparisons.

CT Scans are often used to establish the location of impacted teeth as well as the anatomic relationship between impacted teeth and vital structures, such as sensory nerves in the lower jaw and/or the sinuses in the upper jaw.